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Go Away Hathaway

From slacker-stoner humor, quasi method acting, sexually harassing pick up lines in Soaps, to Oscar contending and this years host, James Franco has women swooning over his eclectic choices in dabbling in whatever suits his fancy…and with that charming smirk don’t he know it!

Still, I find him still more deserving of Oscar for Best Actor over Colin Firth. I mean talk about a stuck up, bloody Englishmen! Maybe I’m regressing, but I don’t need to defend Franco (who even keeps my Mom wide-eyed after 11:30pm when hosting SNL) but how can you justify Anne Hathaway’s co-hosting along with him at the Oscars?! Let alone her whole fucking career? Besides Nolan who recently casted her as Catwoman in the next installment of Batman – thereby potentially ruining the series. Doesn’t she just strike you as the overly energetic and obnoxious theater bitch from high school who thinks she’s cute?

After a plethora of award shows that lead up to the Oscars, it looks like by having the dynamic comic duo of Franco/Hathaway to rival last year’s hosts, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, they are trying to steer away from sarcastic bashing celeb comedians who traditionally have hosted in the past and avoid the likes of funnyman Ricky Gervais. Maybe the real joke would be if the host won for the first time in oscar history or to rally for Conan!!


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Hawk! I hear the cannons woar.

Is it the King approaching? With the advent of radio, the British Monarchy could no longer hide in their castles from the common people – and just as King George VI’s Father said, “We’ve become actors now,” George has to overcome his speech impediment by addressing his country as Rush provides him with diction lessons. But why the fuck with this new-fangled technology did they risk live radio and not use a recording? I mean forget the war – does he not just make you want to kill yourself instead?

Had they, Colin Firth would not receive the much deserved accolades for portraying a stammering, stuttering King. Still, he’s just a common thespian compared to Brad Dourif. Anyway, it seems to have become tradition for one critically acclaimed Brit drama, period piece, faithfully reproduced down to the last wrinkle, to sweep through our Award shows. It’s hard to believe that all King George VI had to do to lead his country into war was not stammer, or be a nazi loving Guy Pierce, who falls in love with a Strumpet. If only King George could elocute like Chauncey and walk on water to boot.

After seeing this I guess I’d have to re-evaluate my year’s top 5. Which I should probably wait to revise until after I see all those artsy movies I refuse to waste $13.00 on (I already made that mistake this year with Somewhere).

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