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Dead Poets Society

  (Tender is the Night)

Way back in Woody’s 1979 Manhattan he played a writer who “longed to be an artist but balked at the necessary sacrifices” whereas now Owen Wilson has the aid of a 1920’s Peugeot equipped with a Flux Capacitor to gain artistic insight and inspiration from a bygone era. Charmed with it’s wit and fantasy the reality is that Woody’s gone soft in his latest 2011’s Midnight in Paris where renowned artists and writers are pontificating and spitting on Gil’s (Owen) neck leaving him pussy whipped not only in the past but in the present and future as well. Perhaps this is why Van Gogh never makes an appearance, an ear is too great a sacrifice as Owen won’t even consider a nose job.

The Woodman has often been criticized for rehashing his old bits and in his latest it is no different. Though I do enjoy the fresh cast and was reminded of the charming Owen pre Dupree and was surprised to find Rachel McAdams a likable bitch. Unlike The Purple Rose of Cairo, the bridge between reality vs. fantasy is blurred by the end of the picture and while McAdams and Sheen do hook up in real life, we leave the theater feeling nostalgic, not just for the city of lights of the 20’s or Belle Epoque, but for the whole tragic comedy of life. But I was feeling more nostalgic for his earlier funnier movies and was hoping that amongst Hemmingway, Zelda and Scott, that Zelig would drop by too.

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White Men Can’t Dance


Whether Robert Downey Jr. really meant he was too dumb to understand The Dark Knight or not he definitely proved his extreme low IQ in Tropic Thunder.


After three summer movies and an Inside the Actors Studio dick sucking session, Downey thinks he’s hot shit as he succumbs to Jack Black and Ben Stiller’s usual fart jokes. Tropic Thunder advertises that it’s a satire on war movies but if they really wanted to push the envelope, unlike the repeating Scary Movie franchise, it would of set the movie in Iraq and satirized the current war rather than Vietnam – making it a safe haven for gratuitous violence and gore. It’s attempt to also reveal the excesses of Hollywood filmmaking is quite unoriginal and ironic when you consider both Ben Stiller and Jack Black have made bank producing so much shit over their careers. And so it stands to reason that Downey is viewed comparatively as some kind of thespian parodying a thespian selling out too. What I find offensive about Downey is not that he’s in blackface but his fucking face in general and that he’s considered one of his generations great actors probably because he’s viewed as some tortured genius in and out of rehab. Yet the real irony is how Stiller is being slammed by the disability organizations for his portrayal of a retard when infact his whole career should be. But I think these organizations are fighting a lost cause because according to Rotten Tomatoes it has an 84% rating and Tropic Thunder being the number 1 movie is just another indication of the low standards in which the public is programmed into thinking who and what is funny, I mean just look at Dane Cook for chrissakes! Whatever happened to Mr. Bob Hope and Mr. Danny Kaye? If I’m old fashion then call me old fashion.

As for Tom Cruise’s so called unsurprising comic cameo, where even beneath all that makeup and prosthetics one still can’t help noticing that annoying arrogant voice, his need to be taken seriously (awarded the highest honor in Scientology) as an actor of diversity by showcasing his ability through the use of another jew dancing about to some ungansta like rap. He should of instead stuck with dancing on Oprah’s couch.



At least the Lance Bass cameo wasn’t delusional and infact the only funny moment in the whole movie besides the opening trailers. Given the nature of this beast and it’s apparent box office success I wonder how Stiller and his much needed think tank writing team will concoct a sequel? Maybe the little Vietnamese Boy comes back all grownup seeking revenge and letting the comedy ensue…



A surprising trivia note is how Owen Wilson was originally slated to play the part of the Hollywood agent in which Matthew McConaughey eventually took over after Owen gracefully bowed out by a fake suicide attempt over Kate Hudson. However credit is probably not deserved for such a smart move on his part for he probably just felt insecure with his acting chops alongside such knuckle-heads. And so, unfortunately we had to suffer through McConaughey’s running joke of providing tivo for his clients. At least he spared us for once  by not taking off his shirt.




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