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Gangs of New York

Last we spoke I was marveling Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods and now – the long awaited, Avengers movie. Whereas Cabin was taut with radical twists and turns, The Avengers was predictably silly and action packed with super hero special effects. But what sets this marvel apart from it’s lame predecessors is the branded Whedon humor. And Thor takes the cake when it comes to delivering his lackluster Shakespearian lines – talk about a meathead wielding a hammer around. Mark Ruffalo succeeds as the first credible Hulk (even if Iron Man seemed a bit to eager to see Banner bust out of his pants) and Captain America, who after fending the world off from Aliens with supernatural beings, still believes in one God, makes a defiant U.S. soldier.

What wasn’t funny was every time Scarlett Johansson opened her pouty mouth – it’s no wonder there wasn’t a movie for the Black Widow. Making no attempt at a Russian accent, Scarlett hasn’t made an effort to act as anything but a whore since Ghost World. At least she wasn’t made the love interest of the story, which would of been unbearable considering the movie is already two and half hours long. As for the unconvincing nemesis Loki, Tom Hiddleston comes off like a wannabe Cillian Murphy.

My biggest gripe with this movie is – not that it ended with the Super Heroes thwarting the single nuclear missile that was intended for them and thereby turning the tables by redirecting it to ultimately destroy the Aliens, but that they demolished my beloved Grand Central Station and knocked the fucking clock off the top of the info booth. Why couldn’t they have chosen Port Authority instead?


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The Cabin of Dr. Caligari

So they say that 1970’s Hollywood cinema, otherwise known as the second golden age, brought a revisionist approach to all genres but consequently after a decade of coked out Auteurs it reached it’s demise with Heaven’s Gate. It’s hard to fathom that Directors that once thrived and survived that era are now making class A shit. I mean Hugo? Anyway, point is that every generation has a stylistic stamp and just as this day and age’s lack of originality and fashion, it makes sense that it be the decade of  the mash-ups. A confluence and conglomeration of tried and true genres that have been played out to death with pop culture references blended together to entertain savvy Cinephiles, who are seemingly more irreverent as opposed to the subversives who were camped out just a few blocks away at Union Sq. occupying Wall. St.  Either way, I’m a Nihilist and was too busy going to see a movie titled the obvious – I mean aren’t most cabins in the woods?

But what sets The Cabin in the Woods apart is that it’s being monitored by high tech global Government and ancient forces that utilizes monsters to aid in a sacrificial ritual to save the fate of the world. Sort of like Hunger Games meets Scooby Doo. Though Kristen Connolly is no Katniss Everdeen, the rest of the cast are as fittingly silly.

Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard fall short of making this a cult classic as it lacks that certain unintentionality movies like Troll 2 and Plan 9 from Outer Space and the inspired originality of say Shaun of the Dead. Still it makes up for it in laughs, especially if you see it with a packed like minded audience on an opening night. It may not be memorable, but at least it didn’t stink (bodily) like the protesters in Union Sq. the day after when I went to work in the morning.  Where have you gone, Travis Bickle? A nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you….

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