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2013 Dead Flowers

The End

Roger Ebert – To the Wonder

Lou Reed – Loaded

Joan Fontaine – “Advertiser on a downtown train, Christmas crier bustin’ cane.”

Ray Harryhausen – Stopped-motion

Micky Rose – Barney Dunn

Julie Harris – Cal slewed Aron over this broad

James Gandolfini – “I went ahead and ordered some for the table.”

Peter O’Toole – Goodbye Mr. Chips

Karen Black – Dipesto!

Jane Henson – Mother Muppet.

Gary David Goldberg – Sit Ubu, sit.

Tom Clancy – The Sum of all Fears

Elmore Leonard – Out of Sight

Paul Walker – No pun intended so I won’t.

Gene Stavis – The only class I looked forward to.

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