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Viva Las Fright Night!

According to mythological or folkloric history, the notion of vampires has been around for ages and fictionalized in many incarnations – from the benchmark of Bram Stoker’s Dracula to the reduction of fucking Twilight. Fortunately enough, Fright Night revitalizes the genre reinstating it’s ancient medieval ritualistic beliefs in this 400 year old vampire called Jerry, played by Colin Farrell who gives his best acting performance to date. Jerry moves in next door to highschool kid, Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) in a small community desert subdivision on the outskirts of Vegas whereby he proceeds to immediately remodel and mark his territory unbeknownst to the neighbors – except from McLovin whom Charley dismisses cause he’s got a bad case of the Imogen Poots. But suspicion rises when Jerry comes over to mooch some Buds but is unable to cross the threshold, yearning to be invited in as he points and admires some cabinets and strumpets.

Inevitably like all vampire movies a lot of blood is spilt but between the gore I was taken in by the sinister dark cinematography contrasted by natural desert beams following our hero Anton, who is so charmingly believable within this campy framework that I found myself beside with laughter and amusement. As a remake, this might be an exception that is better than the original and the most fun I’ve had at the theater this year so please don’t give me shit about it.


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