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2012 Dead Flowers

The End

Ben Gazzara – Mr. Treehorn draws a lot of water in this town. Produced Logjammin.

Levon HelmUp on Cripple Creek

Tony Scott – “You’re a cantaloupe!”

Sherman Hemsley – Movin’ on up!

Andy Griffith – Lonesome Rhodes

Bill HinzmanNight of the Dead [Living] Dead

Frank Pierson – “Sal? Ready to go?”

Charles Durning – Every dog has his day…

Phyllis DillerLike a Lampshade in a Whorehouse

Ray Bradbury – ebooks can’t burn him.

Tonino Guerra – Antonioni films weren’t exactly chock full of dialogue anyway.

Jack Klugman – Odd man out.

Larry Hagman – Kristin Shepard shot him.

Davey Jones –  No more monkeying around.

Dick Clark – Seacrest out!

Happy New Year 2013!

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2012 “YOLO” 5

2012 "YOLO" 5

1. The Master 

2. Skyfall

3. Zero Dark Thirty

4. The Dark Knight Rises

5. Django Unchained

Noteworthy: Frankenweenie/Prometheus

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Django’s Basterds

Django Unchained

Writer/Director/Actor Quentin Tarantino is so full of himself and his eclectic influences that it obviously translates itself into his movies – and Django Unchained is no different. Now I didn’t know much going into Django, other than that Jamie Foxx is a slave and kills white folks down south, so I expected no less then the previous juvenile and offensive Inglourious Basterds – which was at least more than my Mom, who thought it was about Django Reinhardt.

Django Unchained

I’ve hoped this revisionist/mashup kick that QT has been on for more than a  decade is just a passing phase, since the only thing keeping his shallow movies fresh is the ever expanding pool of actors who continue to give great performances and know exactly how to deliver his idiosyncratic script dialogue (better so than himself) – the only original facet left in his productions.

Django UnchainedAlso, I get that Quentin is being Leonesque with his epic movie lengths but this one drags even more so, perhaps since it’s his first film without editor Sally Menke. With the overkill  Peckinpah slow mo, not to mention almost all of Leo DiCaprio’s performance – which is drawn out over an hour tour of Candy Land – we still don’t even make it to the Peppermint Forest or Ice Cream Sea.

Django Unchained

I guess I hold Quentin to a higher standard after his first two movies in some ways defined a new generation of the writer/director, but it seems P.T. Anderson and The Coen Brothers are the only mainstream ones that are at least evolving and striving for some semblance of profundity and not just silly entertainment. Then again maybe it’s just a sign of the times, I mean next year we got Grown Ups 2.

Django Unchained


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