2010 “Epic” 5

1. The Social Network

2. Toy Story 3

3. True Grit

4.  The Fighter

5. The Runaways/Scott Pilgrim vs The World



Sylvian Chomet follows The Triplets of Belleville with The Illusionist – another marriage of traditional animation and music from the Frenchies reminding us Americans the standard format that 3D and CGI have become, thereby losing it’s poetic sensibilities and abstract qualities. But the Illusionist’s “epic fail” is in it’s focus on the least interesting characters as opposed to washed up vaudeville acts such as a suicidal clown, a lonely ventriloquist, midget concierges, acrobatic painters,  hybrid late 50’s band and a nippy bunny.

Toy Story 3‘s main characters’ relationship to the audience may already have been established but are still always developing as opposed to this Magician who still can’t draw a crowd or a dingy dimwitted materialistic ungrateful Bitch.

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  1. I enjoyed this movie depley, I watched it twice to further understand the hard to reach but worthwhile storyline and teared up both times. Tatischeff is a truly amazing character and my heart was eased to know there are still people out there who make hand drawn animation films that pay close attention to detail and motion in a world of carelessly animated cartoons.The movie (to me) was overly bittersweet. The view of a Paris/Edinburgh/London amalgam made the movie, and it wouldn’t have worked if the movie hadn’t been silent.I enjoyed the movie and it inspired me, for I myself am a writer and one day I will create such works of art as The Illusionist.

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