Daft Tron

It was inevitable that Disney would reboot Tron given the technical advances since 1982, and the proof is definitely in the pudding after this 2010 laser light bike race in 3D IMAX. But even so I was too distracted by those lame boomerang doughnuts or wondering how the fuck is it possible that Jeff Bridges not age at all and how I’d been ripped off when only half the movie had been shot in 3D! This scam and fad of shooting 3D has to go or just stop charging extra!

No wonder George Lucas is buying the rights to dead actors! The only other thing worth mentioning besides Olivia Wilde’s tight black leather neon striped suit is the soundtrack by those Storm Trooper Frenchies, Daft Punk, keeping in line with the original score by then futuristic transgender Wendy Carlos formerly known as Walter.


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2 responses to “Daft Tron

  1. Unexpectedly great film. To look it a hundred times will not get bored.

  2. , mostly it adds nothading. Those of us who wear gselsas also find that when things move really fast, or come a long way ‘out’ of the screen, everyadthing goes blurred and douadbled up. (or is that the same for everyadone?) If I wanted to see a film that way, I’d go to a pub beforeadhand. The only film I’ve seen where it really added anyadthing was Avatar, which manadaged not to look like a load of cardadboard cutouts going back into the disadtance. So, film makaders, unless you’ve got a Cameron sized budadget, cut out thea03D.

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