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Pee Wee Takes Manhattan

The stars at night are big and bright deep in the heart of Broadway where Pee Wee Herman is making his New York debut at the Stephen Sondheim Theater providing us an intimate visit to the playhouse. Thank God they have a basement. But no need to worry if you miss it because it’ll soon be on HBO in the comfort of your toasty home rather than in an ice box.

The choreography between Pee Wee and the live puppets is action packed! And way better than Avenue Q. Paul Rubens, who hasn’t aged a day, is still our inner child, now and forever, reacquainting us with irreverent politico jokes and jack off jokes. So it only makes sense that the audience comprised of a crowd of 40 year olds.

Pee Wee may be a loner, a rebel and a guy not to get mixed up with but after all these years we still want to come over and play. Also CGI is nothing compared to the awesomeness of the Pee Wee magnets that I got. Infinity.



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Daft Tron

It was inevitable that Disney would reboot Tron given the technical advances since 1982, and the proof is definitely in the pudding after this 2010 laser light bike race in 3D IMAX. But even so I was too distracted by those lame boomerang doughnuts or wondering how the fuck is it possible that Jeff Bridges not age at all and how I’d been ripped off when only half the movie had been shot in 3D! This scam and fad of shooting 3D has to go or just stop charging extra!

No wonder George Lucas is buying the rights to dead actors! The only other thing worth mentioning besides Olivia Wilde’s tight black leather neon striped suit is the soundtrack by those Storm Trooper Frenchies, Daft Punk, keeping in line with the original score by then futuristic transgender Wendy Carlos formerly known as Walter.


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Punch Crack Love

Lowell, Mass may have been the birthplace of Bette Davis and the Industrial Revolution but it still looks to be stuck in the Great Depression. What a dump!!! Though Christian Bale seems more at home in Lowell tweeking in a crack house with hoes rather than spelunking in The Batcave with Sir Alfred, what elevates this seemingly standard feel-good boxing movie is the loser ringside cast of characters and chain smoking trailer trash Sisters who all want a piece of their brothers Micky Ward (Mark Walhburg) and Dicky Eklund (Christian Bale) in hopes of being part of this dilapidated town’s pride.

For all it’s conventionalities, The Fighter still packs a punch with all it’s great acting performances – especially from Melissa Leo who plays their overbearing Mother, and Amy Adams to combat her antics. Also including Mark Wahlberg who surpasses his plastic plant scene, and Christian Bale and his clenched jaw, nose mole act.

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