The Kinks: Celluloid Heroes vs Powerman and the Money-go-round.




Between movies and TV commercials The Kinks are rolling in dough. Since 2007 alone they have been featured in 7 TV spots and 7 movies. When will these Directors get over this Kinks craze? It appears that The Kinks are quickly losing their edge (just as The Beatles, Stones, and The Who) while these posing, retro – hipsters continue to overplay them.



So please, Wes and Wes Wannabes, get over your slow-motion Kinks montages. What band are they going to anoint next? Herman’s Hermits?




IBM – “I’m Not Like Everybody Else”

HP  – “Picture Book”

Converse and Target – “Everybody’s a Star”

Alka-Seltzer – “Tired of Waiting for you”

Gap Kids – “Your Really Got Me”

La La – “Lola”

Coke – “Lola”

Abbott Labs – “Everybody’s Gonna be Happy”

Joes Superstore – “Everybody’s Gonna be Happy”

Tide – “All the Day and All of the Night”

Starburst – “All the Day and All of the Night”

Kohls – “All the Day and All of the Night”

Saab – “All the Day and All of the Night”

GM – “All the Day and All of the Night”


Kinks find a 6m glow in advertising.




The Bank Job – “Lola”


Rakkauden nalka – “Waterloo Sunset”

Smother – “Better Things”

The Darjeeling Limited – “This Time Tomorrow,” “Strangers,” “Powerman”

Juno – “Well Respected Man”

Hot Fuzz – “Village Green Preservation Society,”  “Village Green”

The Savages – “Riverside”


School for Scoundrels – “Set Me Free”

Click – “Do It Again”

Doogal – “You Really Got Me”


Kinks’ Filmography.



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